Current projects

Recently opened at Artstation is the exhibition, “Cupboards: a family geography and material history” curated by the Domestic Craft and Contemporary Art Group. Open until 13 April this show explores a potent theme and has had a very positive reception from those visiting it, and featured in Saturday’s NZ Herald (Weekend supplement). My small tissue paper mache work was a reflection on the stored histories often found at the back of the family medicine cabinet.


My ongoing big project is creating the work which I will show in Gdansk in November 2013 at Narracje. This new work has been commissioned by Rob Garrett, the 2013 curator of Narracje.

The work expands on ‘Intrusions’ – four branches grafted onto Pohutakawa trees at Fort Takapuna as part of Sculpture OnShore 2012.

Intrusion 1NZSoS 2012 J Laird IntrusionsIntrusion 4 Intrusion 3 Intrusion 2 <a

As Narracje takes place at night, this new work will change in mood and association, and obviously lighting will be a significant element.


One comment on “Current projects

  1. Carolyn Lawrence says:

    What a fabulous record of your practice, your work looks beautiful Juliette.xx Carolyn Lawrence

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