The work nears completion

This week I will have the lights for Narracje all wired up and ready to go, and will be starting work on the final 2 of the branches which I will be taking to Gdansk and installing to appear as if growing from the trees there.

Since my last post I have received huge support in creating the work and getting the lighting needed for it.

  • Switch Lighting, a NZ company which makes high quality LED lights, has lent me the tiny spotlights which will be attached to the trees and light up the groups of branches. I am hugely grateful for their generosity and the interest their Auckland representative, David Maunsell, has shown in my project.
  • Marysia Jaskiewicz, one of the 733 Polish refugee children who came to New Zealand in 1944, offered to knit some leaves for me when she saw the branch I had taken along to the Auckland Polish Association – and she has knitted 80 more, enough for 2 more branches!

    Marysia shows me the leaves she has knitted using small odds and ends of wool She was interested to see how I had started to make a branch using the first lot she had completed
    She is a hard-working mainstay of the Polish House


  • Tomasz Gorecki, the President of the Auckland Polish Association, has been giving me Polish lessons – he is very patient as I struggle with all the ‘sh’ and ‘ch’ sounds that seem to make up Polish words!
  • and finally, Mo – my partner and technical assistant in this! – has done a great job of assembling the wiring for the lights

My workspace is transformed into an electrical workshopMo doing some fine soldering


2 comments on “The work nears completion

  1. cherbro says:

    It sounds a remarkable weaving together of skill/people/energy/creative energy

  2. Monique Davey (Boersen) says:

    I went to school with Marysias daughter Krysia and remember Marysia as the most amazing seamstress. Good to see her continue her works in a positive way

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