New discoveries

Last night we made another tour of all the projects with Rob and a group of bloggers. With a smaller group, and a second visit, there was time and space to appreciate more aspects of the projects and their sites – and how they are connected. But we discovered a delightful local project quite by accident after we came out of the avenue of trees where my branches hang – noticing two young women standing by a Narracje information sign outside the primary school on Swietej Barbary I asked if there was a project there. They nodded (lots of communication is happening here with very few words needed – luckily!) so we went round the back into the school. The building was at 8 pm alive with activity and on the 3rd floor another collection of photographs of people from that area was complemented by a room set up with huge photos of old Dlugi Ogrody, piles of leaves (smelling autumnal and rich) on the floor, and a photographer taking pictures of children dressed up in pre-war clothing. On another floor children were putting on puppet plays with hand puppets which they had made. There was a lovely, excited atmosphere inside this austere brick building – so glad we found it!!

Photo gallery Photo from pre-war The photography studio Two lovely girls posing

I will put up photos of the other artists’ projects next time but I am sure there will be lots on the Narracje website!


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