And the next morning….

So, after a hectic, exhilarating three days of festival we awoke on a foggy Monday morning to set off early to take down the work, return the ladder and release the security guard from his all night vigil.
Much had been taken down overnight – from the apartment window I watched at midnight the strange sight of the Illusory Bridge waving and dipping as the tension was released, the pylons pulled out and the work returned to its raw state of ropes of LED lights. As we walked our much travelled route between the apartment and the park for a final time to dismantle “Dreaming of Summer” it seemed much had gone already. Watched by the usual walkers with their dogs, and bench-sitters, we released the branches, cut the cords and bundled everything into the bag or into the tarpaulin.
As we left I saw flowers sprouting from the grass – they had been down at the other end of the avenue the day before – had they popped up in response to the summery branches, or was it a nice coincidence? One of the mysterious delights unearthed during Narracje 5!!

18 Nov 2013 (5)

The branches are laid out to dry on the washing rack.
The ropes and wires await re-coiling.
It is a pleasure to rest, to start sorting some reflections, to see a bit more of Gdansk.

18 Nov 2013 (6)


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