Too busy to post!

Life has been overflowing – so busy making art I haven’t had time to write about it. I must admit I challenged myself this year by deciding to follow Julian Dashper’s advice to “have ten projects on the go”. I have only had four at most at any time but I think it has pushed me to get more done – although it is not a pace which would suit me all the time.

First I have finally sorted out how to finish the figures for NZ Sculpture OnShore – they will have a stony carapace which I hope will evoke the idea that they have emerged from the underlying rocks and cliffs at O Peretu (Point Takapuna), “unsettled” by the disputes rumbling over the use of the reserve land there.

240914 (6) (Medium)

Cliffs at Narrowneck

Cliffs at Narrowneck

The finish

The finish

Painting the figures

Painting the figures

They are working well as a group. Here in the garden I get an idea of how they will look. Another five to come.

In the garden

In the garden

In an amusing side-step I worked on a single figure but with very different finish. For LOOK the JERSEY collective decided we would create some imaginative responses to the idea of the high life as in high rises and densification – an issue much discussed currently in Auckland. Out of a pile of plastic cups and plates emerged – a mini Sky Tower! And crowning that pinnacle of greed, a giant Fay Wray clasps a wriggling little King Kong. The high rises are going into the window of Iko Iko – a wonderful large window and a shop which always attracts interest with their cool stock – LOOK opens on Thursday 9th and is part of Art Week (October 10 – 19th).

P1010287 (Medium)

And two weeks ago I got an email about ArtWeek at Victoria Park Market – Ron Andreassend has galvanized a heap of artists and performers with his vision of a colourful occupation and transformation of this great space, still mostly untenanted after its huge renovation – such an opportunity to show work. So I decided to make some bigger figures, “swimmers” recalling the history of the location, once a beach popular for fishing and swimming before settlers started building little shacks and small industry there and then filling the whole area in – or “reclaiming” it. A word we may start to use in a different context one day if the sea rises and reclaims this space!

Swimmers take shape (Medium)Swimmers starting to paint (Medium)Swimmers undercoated (Medium)Swimmers sprayed (1) (Medium)


One comment on “Too busy to post!

  1. Su Leslie says:

    These are fabulous Juliette. You’ve given me an excuse to haul my butt out of the office and head to Vic Park! The NZ Sculpture OnShore newsletter might have to wait a day or two.

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