The month of exhibitions

This time of year is becoming associated for me with significant artistic milestones. In 2012 I was setting up my 4 pohutakawa branches, grafted onto host trees and within weeks Rob Garrett had invited me to develop similar work to take to Poland.
Almost exactly one year ago we arrived in Gdansk, a bag of knitted branches in hand, to take part in Narracje 5 – and in 2014 those branches have just completed a week at the Wellington Museum of City and Sea – this time combined into 2 small trees – as part of the 70th Anniversary celebrations of the Children of Pahiatua .

Oct 2014 049

Opening out the branches Attaching to the stake Trying out lighting

I felt so proud, especially as a non-Pole, to be invited to be a part of the Polish festival in Wellington. I felt that my artwork had achieved a wonderful completeness with this re-presentation.

After the colourful and social weekend away in Wellington it was back to the finishing touches on the little people of O Peretu ( Fort Takapuna). This last weekend I set them up in their clifftop site.

Unsettled 1

The wire leg extensions mostly slipped between remnants of bricks and rubble that for some reason had been dumped on that spot so the crowbar I’d taken was only needed once and an old screwdriver would have done. There they stand now – frozen in flight, from or towards something not explained – a story the visitor can create for themselves. Sculpture on Shore opens on Thursday this week – I can’t wait to return and have a good look at the work I just glimpsed when I was there on Sunday.


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