September projects

September has been a busy month, finishing work to take to Dunedin for an exhibition at the Inge Doesburg gallery, and being in residence at the Old Folks Association with Jersey.

Dreaming of summer is traveling South, with the addition of 4 saplings.

Saplings (19) (Medium)Saplings (20) (Medium)Saplings (31) (Medium)

They are dancing on their way!

In between working on the little trees and getting lights ready for them, I have been working in a back room at the Auckland Old Folks Association (OFA) in Gundry St, Newton. A relic of the large community that once filled the valley where the motorway now runs, it is a wonderful space to work in and spend time in.

The outside of OFA (1)The outside of OFA (2)

I have become fascinated with the huge number of doors within the building – allowing a simple, 3 room space with a kitchen to be used at one time by different groups involved in their individual activities.

Doors (1) Doors (2) Doors (3)

From the first day I had had an urge to clean the grime from the Entrance sign, to give it the brightness that OFA offers to its users. Close up to the lettering its alternative meaning, to entrance or delight, jumped out and I started playing with that idea. Doors that I was drawing and photographing percolated through my mind and out came, ADORE.

P1040419 (2) (Medium) P1040422 (2) (Medium)P1040423 (2) (Medium)P1040424 (2) (Medium)

The best thing is that people do not notice it!


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