The giant mangroves are coming

The mangroves which I first made a year ago were the seed from which have grown a pair of giant mangroves, two metres high on their arching legs, for the Harbourview Sculpture Trail which will open on March 5th.
This project has been an adventure in new material and skills. Many thanks to Jeff Thomson, sculptor extraordinaire in metal, for his help in assembling the steel frames of these creatures.


At home I built up a layered surface – first wire netting, to give the skeleton some “body”, and then a skin of plastics melted together. Stitching, ironing and the hot air gun were all applied to a range of plastics. Some melted almost way, shrinking in the heat, and others intensified in colour and stayed bright and whole.
Plastics fill our landfills and drift along the shoreline catching in mangroves and other intertidal plants. We need to address the issue of plastic waste – recycle what can be recycled (and there is a lot more that can be recycled now including soft plastics) and use other plastics sensibly! I am grateful to Vaughan at Polyprint Packaging who took the time to show me the process of making polythene bags, and told me about some of the recycling alternatives, as well as giving me a range of colourful off-cuts and samples which were most useful.


7 comments on “The giant mangroves are coming

  1. cherbro says:

    I’m sorry I can’t see thus in situ but I am excited about your new skills as well as alternatives to plastic. Thinking of hemp. Flax maybe? Looks wonderful. Go you for thinking about mangroves.

    • Thanks Cheryl! Actually I quite like the plastic – not that I support its excessive and wasteful use – but it is colourful! I do love working with harakeke (the smell of it is wonderful) but haven’t yet come up with an idea that would work with it.

  2. Let me know when you are coming in case I can be there that day – love to catch up.

  3. Marlyne Jackson says:

    Thanks Juliette – good to see !

  4. I enjoyed these mangrove sculptures in situ back in 2016; they reminded me of The Day of the Triffids

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