Emerging from winter explorations

From leaves lying on the footpath to those lying on the footpaths of Queen St – are they just the debris left by “growth”? What has happened to society? Do we not look beyond personal trajectories to see what is happening to people around us?

I have been sharing a room, half a garret, on Queen St, doing drawings, stitching, cutting, copying maps, veins and networks.

Increasingly distressed by daily seeing so many people reduced to begging, in the cold and wet of winter. What shame – what to do?

How well can art draw attention to our wounds, to our cruelty, to our stupidity? Is it the best tool or is it better than nothing?

Meanwhile I have committed to show at Grey. in Grey Lynn with Jersey, and cannot help myself wanting to create.  I know it does matter to celebrate beauty, the richness of the world, because otherwise why would we love and care for anything?  I try to combine all that I’ve seen and thought and let the work emerge.

P1070029 (Large)


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